Friday, April 18, 2014

Painter X3 Real Watercolors and Selections

I made this quick'n'dirty video demonstrating how to get more realistic selection/watercolor interactions in Corel Painter X3 -- meant to more closely mimic the results of using liquid frisket in traditional watercolors:

Most of the Real Watercolor brushes in the default Painter library are not well suited to this look -- probably the only two I would recommend is "Grainy Wet" and "Wet Flowmap Fringe".

If you are not skilled at creating your own brushes, but still want to try this technique for yourself, here is a free brush I made:

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nearly Daily Nude Drawings

It had been a few years since I had last dedicated myself to working on nude studies, so I decided the time was right to spend a while working on these... I try to do one per day in my sketchbook.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Color For Painters

For a few years I have wanted to create a video tutorial series about color as it pertains to digital painters, and particularly the problem of composition. I finally decided to do it a few weeks ago and the result is 10 videos (a bit over an hour) of what I would consider to be some of the most fundamental things painters need to understand to wield color effectively.

I tried to keep it as simple as possible and minimize side trips into technical details that, while interesting, are ultimately information overkill for most artists. I don't use Painter for most of it, but all the information is completely applicable to Painter (even older versions) as well as many other graphics applications.

What this series mostly focuses on is contrast, and how it is present in all three color attributes (Hue, Saturation and Value). Once I establish the basic concepts of what the three attributes actually are and how we define (and control) contrast for each, I use some well known example artwork to show the principles in action.

I consider this stuff to be very basic to creating good paintings, and would expect a lot of other artists to think so too – but it seems to be information that is not common to find. Hopefully you find these videos helpful... if you do, please pass the link along.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Substance Designer

I recently completed a VTC video tutorial series for Allegorithmic's Substance Designer software.

As part of demonstrating how this software can be used, I worked on a "just-for-fun" personal project, taking the very cool Solaris model and rendering it with all new textures in Maxwell Render. Below are some of the results:

The original model was made by scifiwarships -- you can see his Blog here and his deviantART page here.

The textures were made in Substance Designer and based off the commercially available Substance Space Ship Hull.

I really love Substance Designer and I highly recommend you give it a look. It is quickly becoming a software that can easily replace Photoshop in many 3D-texturing workflows (including mine).

In addition, I have found the Allegorithmic team to very responsive to feedback and requests -- so if you want to help make Substance Designer a better fit for your texturing workflow go to this link and vote: