Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Painter 2015 Released

Corel has released Painter 2015 today. This is a really big update for the users who have been waiting for a true 64-bit version for Mac. To convert the program to 64-bit for Mac, the entirety of the code-base had to be re-factored -- a process that has taken several years, and started well before X3 was released. Windows users also get alot of benefit from this full rewrite in the way of things like live full-document previews for effects, increased speed and stability, etc.

In addition to finally being fully 64-bit, Painter 2015 also features the debut of the new "Particle" brush technology. I created 4 of the particle brushes that ship with Painter 2015, and have created some video tutorials that go into the "hows and whys" of my brushes in this playlist: