Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year - More Free Painter 2015 Particle Brushes

I made 3 new variations on the theme of a flame painting brush -- these will be much easier to use than the flame particle brush that comes with Painter 2015 (but, as a result, somewhat less versatile).

Change the Count setting to alter the complexity of flame structure.

Download the Flame brush category

The next Brush is one I have been working on for quite a while -- the video will explain the usage of the brush and its companion.

Download the Long Straight Hair brush - Download the Long Hair Highlighter brush

The last brush I released a few weeks ago, but wanted to include in this post to tidy everything up.

Creating unexpected shapes is one of the things the Particle brush technology in Painter 2015 is very good for. The process is a bit like looking at the clouds in the sky, trying see what objects they resemble – everybody sees something different. In the same way, brushes like these are designed to move in way that create “happy accidents”. Then it is up to the artist to recognize the value of the “happy accident” and refine it into a useful finished product.

This brush is particularly designed for roughing in organic shapes – and is particularly useful for characters and machinery.

Download the ConceptArt Organic Rough-in brush