Monday, August 10, 2015

Corel Painter 2016 Released

Corel has released Painter 2016 today. This update includes alot of new features regarding the brush engine. From my POV the biggest new brush engine feature is Dynamic Speckles:

Dynamic Speckles can be applied to Bristle (and RealBristle) Dab Types as well as the Particle Dab Types. Once applied, the Dynamic Speckles will allow a substantial amount of size and opacity variability to what was previously a static single-pixel line per particle/bristle. This opens up a huge range of new possibilities for these brush technologies, and greatly expands on the types of marks Painter can produce. In addition, Dynamic Speckles also make it possible to use Bristle and Particle Dab Types with Methods and Subcategories that were previously not compatible -- for instance: Drip, Plugin and Real Watercolor Methods all offer some very exciting possibilities.

Aside from Dynamic Speckles, the General brush control panel of the brush engine also has been expanded to include support for Liquid Ink and Watercolor Particle Dab Types. This again allows for never before seen brushes that greatly expand the types of marks Painter can make. I made ten of the new brushes included within the streamlined Painter 2016 brush library -- here is a video showing the three Liquid Ink brushes, including one featuring a hybrid Particle Dab/Liquid Ink mark:

Another notable new brush engine feature is Enhanced Layer Blending -- which resolves some longstanding issues with many blending brushes. Watch this video I made to explain what this feature does:

Aside from the Brush Engine improvements, my favorite new feature is Presentation Mode. This allows you to paint with absolutely nothing on your screen but the artwork. If you are the type of person who can memorize keyboard shortcuts for your tools (along with context click menus), you can complete a large amount of your work without needing to see any Painter UI at all.

If you care to check them out, here are all the brushes I made which are included in Painter's 2016 brush library:

Digital Watercolor> Speckle Coarse Dry Brush

Dynamic Speckles> Particle Firestarter Glow (use on a dark background or a blank layer)

Liquid Ink> Airbrush 2
Liquid Ink> Particle Crackle Airbrush
Liquid Ink> Spattery Airbrush

Particles> Flow Fur Sprayer
Particles> Gravity Bristle 2 (use with Paper Direction Toggle enabled)
Particles> Spring Flame Glow 2 (use on a dark background or a blank layer)

Sumi-e> Dry Ink Sumi-e 2 (try this with different shades of grey)

Real Watercolor> Particle Fur Sprayer

However, as a result of Painter 2016 being released, my Painter 2015 Video Manual YouTube tutorial series is now obsolete. Because of this, at the end of the month I will be removing public access to those videos -- my existing paid YouTube subscribers will continue to have access, in order to fulfill the YouTube subscription terms.

In the meantime, I have begun creating completely new video tutorials for Painter 2016 with VTC, and will announce when those are released with a new blog post.