Monday, November 16, 2015

WIP Watercolor

I have been pretty busy lately. After wrapping up recording for the (hopefully) soon to be released VTC Corel Painter 2016 video tutorial series, I began recording tutorials for a side project for Next Limit Technologies (I'll announce here when that is released as well). While working on that I have also been working on a new watercolor:

This is painted on Crescent 100% Rag Matboard -- which has a surface I find suits my temperament better than regular watercolor paper. The only downside for me is due to the lack of internal sizing, the surface is not very resilient to scrubbing.

It may be the influence of working with Egg Tempera -- but lately I have found I am more attracted to working with more traditional colors like Cerulean Blue, Yellow Ochre and Indian Red -- all of which are far more "opaque" than the more commonly used modern synthetics like phthalos and quinacridones. My "blacks" are a mixture of two of my favorite colors: Perylene Green and Perylene Maroon.