Friday, August 18, 2017

Rebelle 2 Video Training Series Released.

My Rebelle 2 training series has been released today:

This training series goes really in-depth with how the software functions and how (and why) to get the best results from the free brushes I made for Rebelle 2.

Also, at the end of the course I had time to do a timelapse painting demonstration -- which I do not get to do very often. This painting is the final result:

The first 3 chapters (roughly 2 hours) of training are free for anybody to watch.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Corel Painter 2018 Released Today

Corel has released Painter 2018 today. From my perspective the most important highlights of this release are the Legacy Bug fixes relating to the Selection tools and Paint Bucket tool -- these were things I have been personally requesting for close to a decade. These changes make all of the tools involved more productive and professional, which considering the core functionality of the tools, is quite a big deal for anybody who needs to regularly make selections. I particularly love finally having:
  • The ability to interrupt the polygonal lasso drawing process with the spacebar Grabber shortcut, to pan the document, without losing where you were in the selection making process.

  • The ability to fill with the Paint Bucket Tolerance inside of an active selection.

  • Proper anti-aliasing of Oval selections.

After that, my next favorite features are:
  • The improvements made to the core Drip and Liquid brush technologies to finally allow them to work on layers and blend with transparency -- as a result, these brush technologies are now among my favorites in Painter.

  • The new Selections Brushes features of the brush engine -- quite a bit of power here for creating selections in the style of Photoshop's Quick Mask tool... though IMO these selection brushes present an even better workflow.

  • Thick Paint -- this is a new Oil/Acrylic paint brush technology (supported by a new specialty layer system), similar to Liquid Ink in the ideas that it has surface tension and Impasto-type controls which are tied into a unique layer.

For those who are interested, I was involved in the creation of a number of brushes that ship with Painter 2018:

Painter 2018 Brushes library:

Thick Paint> Grainy Loaded Palette Knife
Thick Paint> Grainy Real Bristle Oils Flat
Thick Paint> Grainy Real Bristle Oils Round

Selection Brushes> Comic Flatting

Sargent> Real Bristle Soft

Texture Cover> Stencil Emboss 2.5D

Texture Source Blending> Stencil Soft Emboss 2.5D

Natural Media Brushes library:

HARD MEDIA - Conte> All

INK - Markers> All

INK - Pens> All

REFINING - Blenders> Everything but the Just Add Water variant