Thursday, February 9, 2017

Updates for February 2017 - and Free Brushes.

Sometimes I don't say much but, as always, I am busy behind the scenes. Today I am making a few announcements that I have made on social media recently, but now in a consolidated blog post, with a few brand new freebie brushes thrown in at the end.

1) I am now a member of Mensa. This is something I have known I qualify for since I was 11 years old, but I never acted on. In October they were running a half-off deal on the testing fee, and my wife was excited for me to take the test, so I finally did it.

2) I am now a Maxwell Render Certified Xpert. I will be doing some free tutorials at various points in the rest of the year to highlight things about Maxwell I think are important to know. I also did a new render of my Glaug model in Maxwell Render recently.

Officer's Battle Pod Glaug
"Officer's Battle Pod Glaug" from the TV series Macross - Rendered in Maxwell Render 4 with lighting via HDR Light Studio 5.4

3) My VTC Corel Painter 2017 tutorial series was released almost 2 months ago. This is a 8-hour series that really focuses heavily on the workflow changes manifested by the new integration of the brush engine controls into the Property Bar.

As promised, here are some new freebie brushes for Corel Painter 2017. These brushes are the result of somebody asking about the possibility of using erasers in Painter to reveal the paper grain. I used the new Dab Stencil functionality to mimic the look of a proper Grainy Subcategory. Since the Dab Stencil is set to use the current paper as the source you can change the paper texture on the fly to get different results at any time. I hope you find them useful.