Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Rebelle 2 Released Today - with free brushes!

I have been keeping an eye on the development of Rebelle since I purchased the first "pre-release" version. At the time, it was a software with a very promising future for simulation of watercolors in particular but in need of some basic features to make it a truly viable 2D painting package. In my opinion, as of today, Rebelle has finally arrived as a full-fledged painting application. I am proud to have been a Beta tester for Rebelle 2 -- as a result of using the software for a while now I know exactly how big of a step forward version 2 is.

I have two announcements regarding Rebelle 2:

1) I have starting recording a 8-hour Rebelle 2 tutorial series for VTC. I will announce on this blog when the Rebelle 2 tutorial series is released.

2) I have created a free set of custom brushes for Rebelle 2 which you can download here.

To install the brushes:

1) Unzip the download
2) Open Rebelle and choose Help>Show Library Folder
3) Copy the unzipped contents into the Brushes folder
4) Restart Rebelle

All of my brushes will have the letter "J" before the name.
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