Corel Painter 2015 Brush Extended Class Outline

Corel Painter 2015 Brush Engine Extended

01 This week we cover the Liquid Ink technology.
0101 Introduction to Liquid Inks
0102 Amount, Smoothness and Volume.
0103 Randomizing and Threshold.
0104 Ink Types.
0105 Resist and Erase Ink Types.
0106 Making a Sumi-e brush.
0107 Making a calligraphy brush.
0108 Utilizing different parts of the brush engine with the Liquid Ink Palette Knife Dab Type.
0109 Liquid Ink Airbrush.
0110 Looking at other Liquid Ink examples.

02 This week we cover the Digital Watercolor & Watercolor technologies.
0201 Introduction to Digital Watercolors.
0202 Digital Wet Subcategories.
0203 Introduction to Watercolor.
0204 Capillary Factor and Diffusion.
0205 Grain Soak-in and Wetness.
0206 Pick-up, Dry Rate and Evaporation Threshold.
0207 Wind Force.
0208 Watercolor Dab Types.

03 This week we cover the Real Watercolor technology.
0301 Introduction to Real Watercolor.
0302 Wetness, Concentration, Settling Rate and Weight.
0303 Viscosity,Evaporation Rate and Flow Resistance.
0304 Pickup.
0305 Wind Force and Accurate Diffusion.
0306 Roughness, Dry Rate and Granulation.
0307 Real Wet Subcategories.
0308 Real Dry Subcategories.
0309 Real Wet Oils.

04 This week we look at Patterns and Hoses.
0401 Sources
0402 Pattern Controls
0403 Capturing Patterns
0404 Different ways to use Patterns
0405 Making a Pattern
0406 Hose
0407 Using Grain
0408 Creating a Rank-1 Nozzle
0409 Creating a Rank-2 Nozzle

05 This week we begin looking at the new Particle technologies.
0501 Introducing Particles.
0502 Basic Setup.
0503 Opacity controls.
0504 Force and Direction.
0505 Smoothing controls.
0506 Using Chaos with Flow Particles.
0507 FlowMap with Flow Particles.
0508 Gravity Particles basics.
0509 Gravity Particles control panel sliders.
0510 Controlling the separation of particles.

06 This week we finish our look at the new Particles technology in Painter 2015.
0601 Path and Spring Opacity -- Nucleus, Chain and Geometric Appearances.
0602 Damping types.
0603 Cubic Interpolation Points and Boost.
0604 Behavior sliders.
0605 FlowMap slider.
0606 Adding more positional randomizations.
0607 Looking at example brushes for inspiration.